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Anxiety Treatments

Lesley Shearer Counselling and the Counselling Lounge offer the MCN model of therapy. Gain instant access to the cutting edge MCN model step by step guide for Anxiety.


Provide immediate relief from the symptoms of Anxiety. By practicing mindful living it will become a powerful way to manage anxiety in the moment.

Cognitive Behavioural

CBT is a very effective treatment for anxiety. The unhealthy thinking pattern that creates anxiety are identified and challenged.


Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change throughout an indiviuals life. Understand how to rewire the brain for confidence and tranquility.

We offer

  • Anxiety Test
  • Anxiety One to One- Counselling Lounge
  • Anxiety Masterclass one to one- Counselling Lounge
  • Understand how to apply the MCN Model
  • Understand how to rewire the brain
  • Learn the most effective coping strategies for Anxiety

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental and physical reaction to threats (Real or Imagined). A little anxiety can be helpful as it protects you from danger. When it occurs too often it can effect the quality of your life.

Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Excessive Nervousness
  • Feeling of Dread
  • Problem Listening
  • Poor Concentration
  • Heart Racing
  • Upset Stomach
  • Fear & Avoidance
  • Tension

Types of Anxiety

Generalised Anxiety Anxiety and worry in several areas of life. E.g. Feeling overwhelmed with food shopping, finances, house work or responsibilities.
Phobias A very intense fear of a specific object or situation, which is out of proportion to the actual threat. E.g Public Speaking, Talking out in class, Wasps, Spiders.
Panic During a panic attack you may experience uncomfortable physical symptoms and become overwhelmed with dread and fear.
Health You may develop a preoccupation with being seriously ill. If someone believes they have an illness such as cancer or a brain tumour, then any physical sensation may be seen as a symptom of the specific illness, and therefore serves to convince them that they must be seriously ill.

Cycle of Anxiety

  • Anxiety Thoughts

    Something bad will happen.
    I cannot cope!!!
  • Temporary Relief from Anxiety

    Which cause more anxiety.
  • Feeling Anxious

    Adrenaline, Tension, Shaky, Heart Racing, Sweating, etc
  • Behaviour

    Avoid or Escape. Leave early, not going out , avoid scary things.

Anxiety drives people to avoid the things that scare them, causing the vicious cycle of anxiety (See diagram). Unfortunately when a scary thing is avoided, there is an immediate but very short sense of relief. However the next time a threat arises it will feel even scarier, thus creating this vicious cycle of avoidance and worsening the anxiety.