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Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychotherapy is used to treat a variety of mental health and emotional issues. It involves talking to a trained therapist individually or in a group, either with others experiencing the same problems or, say, a partner, spouse or family member. It makes it possible to look more deeply into whatever problem is affecting you, and deal with troublesome habits.

Thanks to its help, you can talk about yourself and others, and the feelings you have about those closest to you. You can heighten your understanding of the issues affecting you, and, often, new coping mechanisms are suggested. There are various kinds of psychotherapy, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which combines techniques from behavioural psychotherapy and cognitive therapy. While the latter explores ways thoughts and beliefs may be behind emotional problems, the former looks at how you can change the way you act.

Counselling is another form of psychological therapy in its own right, in which the counsellor listens with empathy as you discuss your feelings and problems in a safe environment and in absolute confidence. It can help you deal with any negative thoughts or feelings.

Sessions typically last 50 minutes, take place weekly, and can continue for as long as you need them but generally for up to 12 visits.

The relationship with your therapist is vital to successful treatment. I offer free introductory sessions at the start of our time together to be sure we are the right ‘fit’ for each other.